With the fabulous heritage of the original Dragon magazine already in place, the challenge was to create an equally compelling product, one utilising the connectivity, sharing and community functionality of mobile content, while retaining the authenticity and expertise of the Wizards Of The Coast brand. Dragon+ is the result. A fully-interactive, feast of knowledge, opinion, secrets and reveals targeted at the colossal D&D fan base, while also acting as a gateway for new fans and lapsed players wanting to get back into the game.


  • Reimagine Wizard’s Of The Coast’s legendary Dragon magazine for the digital age
  • Create an informed, passionate and expert editorial voice
  • Create a new content channel which engages the global D&D community
  • Simultaneously speak to experts, lapsed players and beginners
  • Drive digital sales of the Wizards Of The Coast product range
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty
dragons killed in the making of the magazine
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