Erin came to me with a few issues.  Her website was her sole resource as well as her only marketing tool, but her customer acquisition had hit a plateau. She also operated multiple athletic training companies, which were all separate entities and all with different offerings.


We rebranded all of her companies, under one umbrella company, to make a more cohesive and engaging website. We also implemented several new means of contact and integrated her social media channel to keep the site fresh and interactive.



  • Immediate, visible ROI

  • Number of clients doubled within 3 months of the site launch

  • Consolidated and rebranded 3 separate businesses under one brand and one website

“I’ve worked with web and other designers for most of my career and have not had an easier, or more productive experience (not to mention an immediate ROI) on a web-based project than I have with Megan.”

Erin V, Founder of Integrated Movement Condition