Tom’s original website was very outdated and difficult to use.  Users, more often then not, could not find the map they were looking for and/or did not know which map they needed.  This resulted in him relying more on distribution channels then his own website.


I worked with Tom to create a refreshed, more streamlined, website.  With the huge amount of products he has navigation was a huge priority and ultimately remedied by implementing several ways to move through the products including an inactive map that simplifies the process of finding the correct map.



  • Increase of web sales from 2% of total sales to 11% of total sales in 3 months

  • Created a fully custom inactive map finder that allows users to select the area of the state they are visiting and the system displays all relevant maps

  • Fully integrated the ecommerce order system with the fulfillment company so Tom can now be hands off in the order process

  • Created a systematic hierarchy of the huge amount of products he has to simply the addition of future products

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“My original website was just really bare bones and looked like just what is was – homemade and very amateurish. Working with Megan on the redesign was easy and satisfying. Megan addressed my concerns and went out of her way to take care of any problems in a very professional matter.”

Tom H, Founder of Tom Harrison Maps