Megan Jane Petruccelli

CREATIVE DIRECTOR & lover of high fives

Megan Jane Petruccelli

creative & lover of high fives

Megan has her undergrad and masters degree in Art Direction.  She is a concept-to-execution creative professional, offering broad-based knowledge and experience in digital marketing and design; backed by expertise in new product launch, business development, and web design. Goal oriented and quick on her feet, Megan is adept at creating and implementing cutting-edge, creative solutions to achieve sustainable growth. She is armed with proven leadership skills honed from years of hands-on work experience in fast-paced start up environments. Additionally, she has exceptional communications and interpersonal skills in establishing long-term relationships with colleagues, key clients, and professionals of all levels.

Megan has 6+ years of agency experience as an Interactive Art Director and 5+ years experience running her own web design firm.  She has founded two companies and brings that same entrepreneurial energy to every project she works on. A colleague of hers once said that “Megan’s brain thinks in design and her body moves like an entrepreneur”. Perhaps a bit cliche, but she loves delving into the creative process to build products & designs that help her clients accomplish their goals.

If she is not backpacking in the Sierra or tinkering around remodeling her camper (affectionately named Hitch) chances are she is sitting at her desk delving into a new design project. It seems she either wants to be outside or at her computer making thoughtful and engaging designs for clients. Weirdly opposite ends of the spectrum that bring her equal joy and excitement!