Tom, the founder of URSACK, came to me wanting to completely refresh his brand. His brand hadn’t changed since he launched his first product. His website was inundated with facts, information, and instructions making it clunky and extremely hard for potential customers to navigate and consume. He was not converting custumers on his website anymore.


  • Branding

  • Web Design & UI

  • All Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Creation



A complete brand refresh.  I started by going out in Ansel Adams Wilderness with the entire URSACK product line to shoot new product shots and collateral imagery.

Using the photography to inspire new branding & design, I overhauled the entire website, based on his older analytics and new AB testing.  I then reorganized and modified the content and added more visuals to make it more interactive & intuitive for customers.


  • URSACK bounce rate was cut in half

  • Conversion rate tripled in the 1st month

  • Drastically fewer annoying calls from people asking for answers, which were available on the website

  • Photography was featured on several retail websites, including REI

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